About Us

Welcome fellow adventurers! We wanted to take a moment to introduce Joe and Shelly, the owners of Rugged Overland Outfitters!

 Joe and Shelly took over Rugged Overland Outfitters in 2018 from their great friends, Jeff and Melissa. And since then, they've been busy researching and lining up some excellent manufacturers, and are looking forward to building up the store to suit every enthusiast. Their goal is to carry some of the best products (the more locally-made, the better!), to provide how-to content straight from the manufacturer, make family travel easier, and to offer the complete solution for your vehicle’s overlanding needs. In addition, they strive to provide outstanding, helpful customer service. They feel strongly that customer service and attention-to-detail should be top of the game for any business. Calling and speaking to a real person right away, who will listen and help solve any issues you might have, is a benefit when shopping with Rugged Overland Outfitters. We're just a "two-man show" around here!

Joe was taught all about engines growing up and has been into cars and trucks his whole life. He has worked in the automotive after-market industry for nearly 20 years, so he’s usually everyone’s go-to guy for advice and knowledge. He grew up camping in the Oregon dunes, riding ATVs and four-wheeling, and was lucky enough to road trip to some of the USA’s greatest places with his great-grandparents. When he’s not doing something vehicle related, he loves to play board games with the kids and do house projects. 

Shelly grew up camping, taking long family road trips, riding dirt bikes and quads, hunting, and doing photography since she was young. She's an avid photographer and woodworker who loves DIY, especially for their home. And someday, she plans to travel the world with their family.

Joe and Shelly have been together since they were 15, and over two decades later, they're absolutely each other’s favorite person. They're raising four awesome kids, and want to get them outdoors to do all the great things they grew up doing, and to teach them the skills to be resourceful, independent, and environmentally friendly, and to make great memories seeing and exploring our beautiful country.

Currently, they have an outfitted Jeep JK, a work-in-progress 2003 Yukon XL Denali, to fit the family of 6 and the dog, and they're restoring a ‘69 Ford Bronco that Shelly inherited with her sister.  They can’t wait until it can, once again, go exploring.

We look forward to helping you with your build, hearing your stories, and sharing adventures.