Krazy Beaver Aluminum Mount with Quickfist Clamp 2 15/16 Stand-Off


No other mount exists that'll allow for proper standoff when mounting shovels or axes to flat surfaces. The mounts are made of USA aluminum and are 1/8 thick. The bolts used are stainless steel and zinc galvanized. The mounting location to the closest part of the handle measures 2 15/16. We call this "Stand-off".


  • Light weight (1/8 inch USA Aluminum).
  • Will not rust.
  • Will mount to the channels of most Lift Jack/Farm Jacks such as the brand "HiLift".
  • Mounts easily to flat surfaces such as a drawer in an Overlanding trailer.
  • The mounting surface has a square opening for a 3/8 carriage bolt.
  • Quickfist mounts are utilized and secured the best way possible.
  • Bracket prevents the Quickfist mount from twisting or rotating under weight.
  • Kit includes 2x Aluminum brackets with 2x aluminum back washer, 2x rubber Quickfist mounts, 2x 5/16 bolts with nylon lock nuts, 2x 3/8 carriage bolts with nylon lock nuts.

Not recommended for the hood! Causes the shovel to sit to high and may obstruct the drivers view.